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Frequently asked


  • Is there a fee to use the showroom?
    Nope! The use of our showroom, along with a dedicated consultant to support you through the process, is all complimentary. Because we love teachers, we even provide coffee, water, soda, and snacks! Our partner districts value the resources and expertise we bring to the curriculum resource-finding process, and make Custom Education Solutions their go-to destination for purchasing books.
  • Can I take my books home with me same day?
    The majority of the books in our showroom are display copies. During your visit, you choose the books you like, and then they are scanned into a proposal. From there, your district issues a PO, and the books are shipped directly to you. However, our Bolingbrook, Illinois visitors are able to take books from our Spanish import collection home same day. Just bring in a pre-created purchase order or a credit card (we accept Visa and Mastercard).
  • Do I have to make an appointment? How long will a showroom visit take?
    Our showroom is available by appointment only, as our consultants may be out visiting districts and attending conferences. Please call or email us ahead of time with your details (project, budget, and preferred dates), to secure your appointment.
  • How long will a showroom visit take?
    The length of visit can vary depending on the scope of your project, number of people, budget, and other considerations. Prior to your visit, it is best to speak with consultant about your needs can help determine how long you may need to complete your goals. We find that the more focused your project is, the more successful the visit.
  • How do I submit my purchase order?
    Purchase orders may be submitted directly to
  • When will I receive my books?
    Typically, orders are received approximately 2-3 weeks after a PO has been received. If you choose to have additional services added, such as kitting and stickering, it will take additional time to process your order. Please note: The publishing industry is currently experiencing unprecedented disruption to the supply chain, from paper shortages, increased backorders and out of print titles, trucker shortages, and more. This has significantly increased the amount of time to get books shipped out. We appreciate your patience!
  • How can I get a copy of my invoice?
    Invoices are included with your books when they are shipped out. For a copy of your invoice, please contact
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